Our mission is to develop organizations by helping them to build and evolve their own disciplined methods that embed responsiveness as systemic approach to produce desirable outcomes

We provide organization design and organization development support. During our work, we make sure to consider the social and environmental positive impact as an integral and critical success factor.

Working together with our partners on tangible project activities, we transfer an extensive set of Lean and design-centric tools for optimizing, streamlining and operating a responsive business in today’s ubiquitous and networked economy.

Adopting a human-centered and lean approach to organization management and technology exploitation, we do support people in generating innovation that shapes the company and earns better returns.

Organizations are human beings’ most advanced technology to create value from coordinated work. By evolving organizations, we are helping people in using this power to create balanced social good and to maximize wellbeing.

Organizations Design

Identify sustainable business models

Small and large companies will constantly forced to find new business models due to changing landscapes. This means companies need to pivot and requires the reinvention of business model that are effective and sustainable. A sustainable business model is scalable and viable for businesses, and desirable by customers.

Validate ideas through a lean design process

Individuals inside organizations typically have ideas generated whether they are conceptualized in-house or through open innovation platform. These ideas need to be validated before they can be developed further into practical innovation. The method of validating is through lean iterative prototyping.

Turn people insights into user-centred solutions

Businesses have understood that to be profitable, they need to provide value offerings that meet the needs of people. Therefore identifying unarticulated or unmet needs, and latent desires of people by learning about them and uncovering behavioural insights. These insights are used to improve or develop new value offerings to satisfy their needs.

Create innovation roadmap and orchestrate strategy

CEOs have a vision that needs to be realized. In some cases, they may need to redefine or change its future direction on what business they are in and which market they should be doing business at. Therefore, converting a vision into reality is achieved by creating innovation roadmap that is designed to scale for growth through iterative strategic planning.

Organizations Development

Transform the leadership to evolve the organization

Markets and entire sectors of the economy are shifting to a dynamic and responsive ecosystem. Organizations are in need to transit gracefully into this complete different scenario, introducing new capabilities. Leadership transition and evolution from both personal and professional point of views are essential to managing the shift without frictions.

Evolve team practices and working methods

While definition and implementation of the business strategy and vision are nowadays strictly embedded, the teams are no longer the execution part of the company. Learning, adapting automatically, and fast response to the changing contexts require emerging skills as such as self-management, auto-determination, distributed authority, and collective intelligence.

Impact Model Design

Design the organization to tackle big problems

Purpose-driven organizations need to find, share and fulfill a massive transformative objective. Creating a positive impact on Society while producing profits is the first imperative of our century. Designing a business model that embeds the impact model is the best way to win this challenge and create wellbeing.

Embed environmental responsibility

The use of natural resources is strictly necessary to all the organizations to produce value. Building the right link between resources consumption and value creation leads to generate profits that last longer and create a more sustainable society. By designing the environmental impact of the supply chain organizations create better and desirable products for their consumers.
Rosemary IV Research Lab

We are involved in a series of research projects to explore how our Century’s technology can contribute in designing and building a new social and economic system.