Best for Geneva. Switzerland as a force for good

We are very proud of taking part to the Best for Geneva program starting in the next days. The program aims to foster innovation today and start building a prosperous and sustainable economy for the future.

More than two years ago we started collaborating with Jonathan Normand and B Lab to spread the B Corp Certificate, and more widely an impact-driven approach to doing business, in Switzerland. Day by day we are witnessing a growing interest in this topic, with more and more companies becoming Certified B Corps and starting their journey to be a real impact enterprises.

Now, in Canton Geneva, an entire ecosystem is entering the Best for Geneva challenge for creating a new economic system; strengthening the elements constituting a shared-values network bounding together businesses, organizations and public entities. The video on the home page illustrates better than a thousand words the firm purpose of all the participants.



Best for Geneva est un programme qui réunit toutes les entreprises genevoises qui souhaitent valoriser leurs emplois, renforcer la communauté genevoise dans sa diversité et préserver un environnement sain.

Yes, Keen Bull headquarter is in Canton Ticino – even if we do have activities in Canton Geneva and Canton Vaud. We feel the interdependence between all the entities and people trying to move forward Switzerland as a whole in the path to a more sustainable and responsible environment to live and work. We are in good company: the program itself is initiated by B Lab (Switzerland) with the support of the République et Canton de Genève and receives the support of 27 partners so far:


We are contributing to the program and representing Canton Ticino with our support. We will keep working to actively enhance Best for Geneva program in the upcoming months by helping the B Lab (Switzerland) team to set the infrastructure for facilitating the participating companies in taking the B Impact Assessment and improving their social and environmental performances with workshop and other activities.

Moreover, we hold the aim of bringing the Best for program in Canton Ticino too.  We imagine a close future where all the entities in our Canton start working together as in Canton Geneva, for building together Best for Lugano, Best for Bellinzona or even better Best for Ticino and setting an additional positive and optimistic trajectory for the future of local businesses.

For now, rejoice with us and learn more about Best for Geneva and start spreading the fact that Switzerland is using its businesses as a force for good.

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