Responsive Organizations are built and designed to thrive in less predictable environments. They learn and respond through the open flow of information. They encourage experimentation and learn on rapid cycles. They organize as a network of employees, customers, and partners motivated by a shared purpose.

Our objective, in Keen Bull, is building responsive organizations around the social and environmental purpose. We are using the Certified B Corp approach and meaning in operating the organization, as an integral part of the ecosystem, to shape what we can call Responsive Impact Organizations.

In the history of human beings, to transform resources into something valuable, we used hand-work, tools, and machines. Our strong inclination to enhance stuff – that attitude we called innovation – moved us to manage, coordinate and optimize these transformation activities with organizations and broadly, with industrialization.

During the last 100 years, we have generated and collected unprecedented wealth – piece by piece – using organizations as spectacularly efficient transformation machines. In this process, accidentally, we violently exploited natural resources, polluted the whole world, create poverty in entire Countries and enslaved millions of people.

We are mixing Responsive Organizations concept and Certified B Corp because, in the next 100 years, we are going to rebalance and compensate for the damages caused by our distraction of young human beings on this Planet. We are going to use work and organizations to equilibrate the unbalance.

And we will use all of our enhanced consciousness, the tremendous brain power, our beautiful information technology and all the jaw-dropping inventions that will come to pursue this purpose.

This is who we are. Once human beings start focussing on specific issues, we find out the way to solve them. Even if there is only one person thinking about the solution.

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