Innovation, Psychological Safety, and Empathy

Dara Blumenthal, the founder of The Nature of Work, is one of my reference points while learning and evolving my ideas. In this article, she addresses the importance of psychological safety while working in organizations leveraging on team collaboration to innovate continuously, change, and improve.

Too often, we jump to quick conclusions about the complex dynamics of humans relating and interacting  –  and equally simplistic solutions for reaching the desired outcomes of those interactions.

And she continues:

Over-simplification of interpersonal dynamics and psychological conditions miss out on the incredible ability we have as adults to adapt, change, and develop.

The risk is not innovating at all;

The risk in not starting at a deeper level than personal or team performance is that the systems of practice (or conduct or process) can only enliven behaviors that agree, or disagree with the current norms.

The full article: Generative Team Design

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  1. Massimo Curatella-Reply
    July 9, 2016 at 11:32 am

    Thank you, Tiziano. Nice finding. This makes me think about a research saying that laughing enhances learning.

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