For the first time this year, we are collaborating with B Lab (Switzerland) bringing B Corp-related topics to the Good Festival in Lausanne, 17-21 October 2017.

GoodFestival is for Innovators, Incubators, Accelerators and Impact Investors and other practitioners, the “doers” who are building a better world. In this context, we will have a workshop session on B Impact Assessment and social entrepreneurship: Measure what matters®.

During this session, co-hosted with Jonathan Normand, B Lab (Switzerland) Executive Director, we will introduce the participants to the fundamentals of social entrepreneurship, the B Corp Certification and the B Impact Assessment. They will discover the benefits of setting a structured organizational backbone for measuring and improving – in an interconnected way – the social, environmental and financial performances. We will work together to use BIA assessment tool for shaping and evolving company’s purpose and identity.

Why GoodFestival? Today, most Sustainable Innovators spend a large part of their time competing with other Innovators – for funds or potential team members or partners or sponsors – instead of investing more time in doing good. What if, instead of investing their energy in just competing, they could start collaborating with others building a better world – across industries, countries and professions. And promote each other, celebrate the success stories and raise funds in a relaxed setting optimized for networking. And win the PremaGyan Good100 medal for excellence in doing good by collaborating with other good people instead of just competing with them. That’s GoodFestival, the world’s biggest celebration of sustainable innovation.

Join us on October 18th afternoon at Lausanne Olympic Museum and get a taste of the opportunities brought by measuring your impact and re-thinking your business model to create even more shared value.

GoodFestival 3rd Edition will run over 5 days from the morning of 17th of October 2017 to the evening of 21st of October 2017. There are two tracks – Innovator track and Expert track.

GoodFestival support

Applying to the GoodFesival is free. Deadline: 15th of October 2017Apply here.

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