Keen Bull Manifesto

An organization is the aggregate result of the evolving intellectual experience of the people who compose it.

The work is meaningful if prevents social strain and environmental harm.

We question our present to build the future.

We balance empiricism and poetry.

We support the idea of the centrality of the people which constitute the company. Organizations are an holding container, made up of a whole human content, where biographies, experiences and life are woven only in part on the professional level. Whether we like it or not, it is the human level from which flows all the rest.

The aggregate of our beliefs shifts us away from a business model based on economies of scale, asset intensification, concentration of wealth and central control.

As a Certified B Corporation®, our business model is built around two concepts: organizations must produce a positive influence on the well-being of the stakeholders and hold a strong responsibility to positively impact on the whole Society and on our Planet.

In a world where you can choose to be whatever you want, choose to be gentle