nudge impact facilitator

On the front lines of the new investing

We are collaborating with people dealing with complex systems; working on nested relationships that tend to always reestablish an equilibrium after each novelty or change. This is the outpost where we are nudging towards positive outcomes.

Supporting entrepreneurs endeavours

We are directly investing in projects trying to have a positive impact on the society and environment. We are nudging the system by collaborating with entrepreneurs in different stages of their ventures, infusing new skills, techniques and tools suitable to build modern organizational structures.

Facilitating investors challenges

We design custom scouting and assessment processes for evaluating the due diligence readiness of enterprises. We collaborate with fund managers for introducing new evaluation tools in due diligence practices.


Filomena’s project aims to empower women to participate in economic life across all sectors but, most importantly, help them to embrace a job closer to their passion.

Starting from a crowdfunding campaign, going through self-publishing of her first book, our team is supporting Filomena in reaching the purpose of freeing all the women from the fear to exist.


We are collaborating with the Swiss antenna of B Lab, the non-profit organisation that serves a global movement to redefine success in business, to build a community of Certified B Corporations that are voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance.

Our collaboration with B Lab Switzerland has the objective of accelerating the transition towards a new economy, based on more sustainable businesses behaviours.


The Zero Latency Intercountry Adoption project aims to build an international information system, based on the blockchain technology, to facilitate and expedite proceedings to give a new family to children in need.

We are applying System Practices for building a paperless international backbone system for families, intermediaries, doctors, government authorities and all the actors involved in the intercountry adoption.

This project is one of our direct investments.


In partnership with ONE CREATION, a cooperative fund which aims to support the rapid development of environmental technologies through a global multi-sector approach, we are designing custom preliminary assessment practices for facilitating the due diligence activities.

By using new tools and techniques coming from the Business Innovation Design framework, we are lowering the burden of assessment activities and improving the investments results.