If what you create is not useful, the work you used to build it has no value

1. Assessment Workshop

This is our first touch point. We join prospect clients to perform a structured 4 hours-long workshop. This Assessment Workshop allows to properly understand and express business objectives, client’s needs and company’s innovation capabilities.

We do not have any traditional sales structure or managers, this is our investment in finding new and interesting projects. Our commitment is to express value starting from the first meeting.

2. Keen Program Design

Based on the information has been produced during the Assessment Workshop, we design the “Keen Program” following our three Guiding Principles.

The Keen Program consists in a series of interconnected activities (co-design workshops, remote data analysis, and human-centered research) assembled to reach project’s goal.

At this step, prospect Clients receive a proper estimation.

Our Guiding Principles


Using design thinking and experience-centered approach, we study people’s needs and behaviours to identify assets that constitute real value for each client segment. We investigate potential positive social and environmental challenges to face in order to express value for a broader part of Society.


By leveraging digital technologies and newly available management practices, we create new, enhance existing and deflect unnecessary companies’ industrial and institutional structures – human, physical, organizational, technological, or financial – to produce the assets and connect them to clients. We fruitfully work to embed all the essential activities to tackle the suitable social challenge into the process to produce the assets. In this way we create a bond between business goals and social good.


Offer people the digital tools, platforms and relationships that support them in living their lives with the acquired assets and in participating to win the social and environmental challenges, in the easier and comfortable way possible.

3. Keen Program Execution

We form and move the right team to the same city of our Client to perform Keen Program’s activities.

Activities are executed at Client’s location, or in a rented “war” room, by the full team formed by Client’s people and our team.

Additional support can be achieved adding remote team members. This remote team sets its working hours to project’s time zone.

4. Validation and Iteration

During Keen Program’s activities, as well as once the program is completed, a series of validation activities has been set. We can support the client is performing the validation activities.

Otherwise, we offer our oversee on his department’s team or actual supplier’s activities.

At this step, we design the iterative program plan to keep evolving the project, validating the findings, and refine the solutions. The iteration process enhances project’s success.

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