Helge will attend The first annual responsive conference, The Future Of Work in Brooklyn, this  September. He will bring some questions to the founders and the folks gathering in the United States

[…] to develop a shared language and independent global community which promotes a fundamental shift in our way of working and organizing.

In his preparatory articles, Helge points directly to the core:

We are redesigning our organizations to fit the 21st century. We are configuring them for learning, flexibility and adaptability. To unleash the wealth that is existent in their talents and teams and reap the rewards. But in order to build a responsive organization it needs something to respond to – it needs 21st century fuel.

At the end of his post, Helge seems to warn conference’s organization:

I believe that the are enormous opportunities out there waiting to be unleashed from responsive organizations. But that it demands an as fundamental rethinking and restructuring of what fuels them. If not we will only clog the responsive arteries and make them as unresponsive and inaccurate as the system it is trying to replace. And adding my pieces to that puzzle is my obsession.

Coming to The Future Of Work in mid September I am spectacularly looking forward to discussing this a lot further and getting help coming closer to new pieces in the puzzle. Hopefully I will see you there.



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